105x Face masks PPE Care Pack bundle
105x Face masks PPE Care Pack bundle
105x Face masks PPE Care Pack bundle
105x Face masks PPE Care Pack bundle

105x Face masks PPE Care Pack bundle

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Updated Thursday 3 April 2020 :

On April 3rd, USA CORONAVIRUS TASKFORCE recommended that people do wear masks. This caused a very big spike in sales, so we are doing our best.  Saturday to Monday is a Public Holiday weekend, so the next despatch is Tuesday.  We had to renew our stock levels on April 2nd.


Please note that we are licenced to sell equipment for the Cleaning Industry wihich includes Sanitization and Disinfection.  Our PPE are for - CIVILIAN LEVEL of worker - not MEDICAL LEVEL (the main difference is that 'medical supplies' MUST be packed in sterile packaging).  


50 x 3-ply GENERAL MASKS:  Size: 7" x 3.5" (18x9cm) flat, Material: up/down non-woven fabric,  middle Melt blown fabric.

50x   3-ply ANTI-MICROBIAL MASKS:  Size: 6.9" x 3.75" (17.5x.9.5cm)   Material: up/down non-woven fabric, middle Melt blown fabric.

5 x long-use KN95 MASKS:   Material:  3 ply Non-woven fabric +2 layers Melt blown fabric 

You can order each mask in bulk - contact us 



We got a lot of inquiries from Pressure Washers and Window Cleaners who wanted to help FIRST RESPONDERS - so we decided to make a mixed CARE PACK - some normal masks, some ANTI-MICROBIAL GRADE and a few KN95 MASKS for first responders ... 


Mostly, these are designed to reduce the risk of you from infecting yourself when you touch your face with hands contaminated after touching an infected surface. This is particularly relevant as COVID-19 can live on surfaces up to 6 days.


Anti-Microbial masks are fluid-resistant, disposable - a loose-fitting protection devices that create a physical barrier between the mouth and nose of the wearer and the immediate environment. Anti-microbial masks do not seal tightly to the wearer’s face, so they do not provide a 100% level of protection from inhaling infectious aerosols, however, they have have been treated with an antimicrobial/antiviral agent which filters the majority of the air you breathe.


When a sick patient wears a KN95 respirator, the respirator can be very effective at preventing infectious material from leaving the patient's body, and when worn by healthy individuals, it prevents inhalation of said material.  An N95 mask cannot guarantee to protect you from the COVID-19, but it can substantially reduce your risk or receiving or transmitting the disease.

Of course, you can also use all the masks for your own family.